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This site will be used as a means to communicate changes and resources regarding the LDOE Assessment Program.

2015-16 Louisiana Assessment Calendar

2015-2016 Assessments Changes

Fall 2015 Month – by - Month Checklist

Important Information

2015-2016 Assessment Guides

Raising Expectations & Improving Comparability - PowerPoint

Principals' Meeting Dec. 2015 - PowerPoint
Contains info regarding accessibility for all students

2015-2016 Assessment Resources
Inorder to support planning and administration of the 2015-2016assessments, the Department will be releasing a seriesof resources over the coming months for district staff, principals andteachers. Below is a list of resources available in the next few weeks:

Important District Dates




 Aug. 17-28

 Data Certification - ACT


 Aug. 31- Sept. 14

 Data Certification - Assessment (LEAP, etc.)





 Oct. 28

Schedule for Fall EOCs due to Rhonda Lee 






 LDOE PowerPoints

October 2015
September 2015
August 2015
July 2015

 Links to Resources

Newsletters – Ed-Connect for Louisiana Educators, Weekly District Newsletter & Early Childhood Connection



Accessibility and Accommodations Resources

Personal Needs Profile (PNP)

LEP Accommodations Checklist

IAP Form 2014-15

Unique Accommodation Form
IEP Form 2014-15
Temporary IAP Form 2014


Q & A 

If you have a testing question, please email it to Rhonda Lee ([email protected]) or Sabra Robichaux ([email protected]). We will email the LDOE assessment team. Questions and answers will be place here.

1. What is considered to be extended time?
According to the LA assessment team, a students who has extended time noted on their IAP, IEP, or LEP  means they would have time and a half to complete the test session.  For example: if the instructions give students 1 hour to complete to complete the test, then students who have extended time will be given 1 hours and 30 minutes to complete the test.

Timeline for Development of 2014-2015 Assessment & Accountability Results

Oct. 5 – 9

Statewide briefings from technical experts on standard setting, scale scores, cut scores, and comparability among Louisiana and other states, in advance of BESE meeting.

Oct. 12

Public release of preliminary statewide scale scores (state-level only; not by LEA level or school level)

Oct. 13

BESE considers cut score levels to determine mastery, advanced, basic, approaching basic, and unsatisfactory

Oct. 14

Department begins applying cut scores to scale scores

Oct. 19 – 23

Public release of LEA scores by cut level

Oct. 26 – 30

Public release of high school performance scores and letter grades (this is the latest date; may be completed earlier).

Nov. 9 – 13

Individual student reports for LEAs, teachers, and families detailing scores and skills for every student


Elementary and middle school performance scores and letter grades released

PARCC Parent Resource Suite

ACT and WorkKeys Materials Available Online

The following documents provide details about the ACT State and District testing program and the administering of tests. They are available on your program website:

  • Administration manuals for the ACT and ACT WorkKeys
  • Schedule of Events
  • Summary of Requirements
  • Checklist for Success
  • What’s Happening
  • Welcome to ACT State and District Testing

Paper Copies of the administration manuals will be available in the last week of October.  School test coordinators will receive one copy at that time for training purposes and additional copies with the test materials shipments.

ACT Timeline for Key Actions

Oct 12

Accommodations videos become available

Oct 12- 23

Window for STC to submit establishment information to ACT

Nov 4 and 10

Accommodations Q & A sessions

Nov 20

Deadline to submit requests for ACT-approved accommodations via online system

Nov 23- Feb 10

Window for ACT to receive ACT-Approved Late Consideration Form

Nov 30

Deadline for submission of cooperative endeavor agreement to LDOE

Jan 29


Deadline to submit reconsideration of ACT-Approved accommodations requests in TAA

For the complete ACT State and District Testing Schedule of Events, click here.

2015-2016 Louisiana Student Standards review process

An online review that allows the public to review the current ELA and math standards and submit comments via the Standards Review Portal. All feedback received during this period will be posted online and shared with the Standards Review Committees to inform their work. 


If you have any questions or concerns should email Rhonda Lee.